APBC Similar to Bruce Lee. Why

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Well respected martial artists Bruce Lee learnt many styles of karate and Kung Fu. Bruce Lee then came up with his own style – “Jeet Kune Do” – picking the best moves from each Martial Art.
Bruce Lee was an inspiration to all, not just his fighting, but philosophy in life.
Bruce Lee was considered one of the best martial artists.

Dr Robbie using APBC has only copied Bruce Lee’s philosophy, picking the best from previous mentioned professions, modifying them as Bruce Lee did and adding his own unique methods.

“Study and learn, use what is useful, reject what is useless to you, don’t ever use techniques that hurt your body ! ”

Our APBC SI J and spinal course is currently 2 x 5 day programs.
It’s strongly advised to study both parts to be a effective & safe practitioner.

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