Dr Robbie Goodrum CEO Goodrum Seminars & Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction

Dr Robbie

Dr. Robert Goodrum DO.COC.M.Sc.ITEC.FA.MCSP.SRP

Registered Osteopath with U.K’s Government GOsC. General Osteopathic Council 

CEO Goodrum Seminars EST 1997

Founder of Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction (APBC technique 2016 & 17)

Diplomas and Certificates:

• Masters Diploma Manipulative therapy

• Diploma in Physiotherapy

• Diploma in Sports Therapy

• Diploma in Sport Massage

• DO in Osteopathy

• Certificate Osteopathic Competence UK

• Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy

Robbie is Registered with The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and he is a member of ITEC, the International examination council, as a Sports therapist and Sports massage therapist.

Robbie holds Graduate Certificates in:

• Applied Kinesiology

• Reflexology

• Aromatherapy

• Acupuncture

He has a deep interest in Alternative medicine.

He holds the following Graduate Certificates:

• Diploma of Acupuncture

• Doctor of Naturopathy, ND

• Doctor of Homeopathy, Dip Hom

In addition holds Qualifications in Chiropractic technique: Adjuster pro method/Activator/Thompson drop/Gonstead/Diversified/COX flexion distraction, Chiropractic extremity adjustments

Completed a 4 year program in Radiology in 0ne year in san José CA USA

Completed medical diagnostics course

In addition, Robbie holds Certificates/Qualifications in:

• Chiropractic technique: Activator method/Chiropractic technique,basic scan protocol and advanced procedures

• Thompson Drop Table Method

• Gonstead (post grad training only)

• Diversified Chiropractic

• COX Chiropractic Flexion distraction

• Chiropractic extremity adjustments

• Completed a 4 year program in Radiology in 18 months in Palmer West College of Chiropractic, San José, CA, USA

• Completed medical diagnostics course

Dr Robbie has worked in the UK for 13 years as a clinician in his own clinic in Essex London & various other clinics globally for 25 years. Robbie’s interests are
SI J issues spinal problems, DISC/ pathology & sport injuries his speciality.

Dr Robbie is a Naturopath likes health and wellness. He had contracts with Ford motor company for over 10 years. Dr Robbie owns the ‘Goodrum Seminars’ & is the founder of Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction. (APBC technique)
Dr Robbie is Principal of Goodrum Seminars + Director of APBC & Osteopathic Technique.