Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

APBC technique/Goodrum English Osteopathic School can change terms and conditions or updates to website daily.

All changes will be posted on my Facebook.
Refunds of seminar fee paid, or flight tickets, accommodation can’t be returned because of ‘unforeseen circumstances by students, outside the control of English osteopathic School & APBC technique
For example:
• Cancellation of your own plane or your own illness or family illness.
• Visa refusal
• Earthquakes
• Tsunami
• Typhoons
• Wars
• Civil wars
• Political instability or coup
• Sudden local or global pestilence
• Sudden family illness.
• Sudden family death.
• Surprise weddings or holidays.
Note any seminar fee paid, even if something is out of the English Osteopathic School’s control or students life. You will still have your course held for 12 months in any country. No refunds past 3 months to course date.
Robbie Goodrum, APBC is copyright & trademark & English Osteopathic 2016.

Dr Goodrum has the right to cancel the seminar with 30 days notice and refund all courses fees without being liable for accommodation or flights paid. (So far this has never happened in 27 years)

All discounts the full course fee must be paid in full 3 months prior to the course event.
Terms and conditions of study APBC Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction with English Osteopathic School

• Good news
By early 2019 a online on demand digital video series for APBC level 1, level 2 & level 3 will be available.

• Our text book will be uploaded digitally for participants by early 2019 to download.

1) We only have insurance for positioning and mock-thrusts, not actual HVT real manipulation.

2) If you HVT a patient lying down, the patient must agree and you must be confident and a APBC teacher must be present to double check ligament instability, point of contact and vector.
If something goes wrong then the responsibility is on yourself as the operator, not English Osteopathic School /APBC technique. (Very unlikely in our gentle APBC method)

3) Videoing and photographs are not allowed in the seminar room. ‘APBC technique is a copyright and trademarked technique’ like Apple brand or Nike. Dr Robbie’s worked for 27 years to develop his method like mulligan or Maitland did.

4) Previous attendees say our technique is “100 years ahead of chiropractic and osteopathy”

5) Any copying or distribution of videos will infringe copyright laws in 168 countries including India and a lawyer will be activated in your city.

6) Just be patient and you’ll get your copy of the video series online for your personal use only.

7) The name Robbie Goodrum, APBC technique and Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction is copyright and trademark, including our logo.

8) You can only use these techniques taught in your ‘own personal clinic’ , not a university setting or teaching Dr Robbie’s techniques ‘under another name’. All Dr Robbie’s techniques are 100% unique.

9) You can’t advertise your APBC technique practitioner until passed APBC exams. Then you’ll get the Diplomate in APBC technique

10)You can only put you’ve studied APBC technique with Dr Robbie Goodrum on our CV, or social medial as a post grad course. Not a qualified APBC practitioner until passed the exams.

11) If you wish to teach APBC technique and become an APBC teacher, you must discuss with Dr Robbie. Everything is possible. You first need to complete APBC 1,2 & 3
then complete exams and practical another 5 days to gain Diplomate status. Then a further internship to get a APBC teacher status qualification

12) The APBC course manual is for your own personal use and can’t be copied or distributed. Again this will infringe plagiarism and copyright trademark laws in 168 countries including India.

13) Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction technique is 100% Dr Robbie’s Original method and not a mixture of chiropractic and osteopathy.

14) APBC technique is 100% unique in philosophy technique and rehabilitation and nutrition science 🔬

15)/ videoing in the room is not allowed unless Dr Robbie agrees, each participant will get a copy of all the techniques by Dr Joy. So no need to block views with so many cameras.

Anybody not agreeing with the terms and conditions should not book the program (2008)
Dr Robbie Goodrum

Dr Robbie Goodrum