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Q: What is Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction Technique ?

A. It’s a hands-on mobilization, manipulation & soft tissue technique designed by Robbie Goodrum a UK Osteopath & Physiotherapist inspired from Chiropractic & Osteopathy over the last 30 years clinical application. APBC Technique is a specific neurological, orthopaedic Biomechanical unique gentle approach for full spine
(vertebral subluxation) plus subluxation of the coccyx, pubic joint, ilia, sacrum. We have a specific APBC Upper cervical technique, like NUCCA or atlas orthogonal  C1/C2 with occipital & TMJ. Also APBC Technique has a course for advanced sacroiliac joint disorders and a variety of Disc pathologies. Plus our sports extremity manipulation Diploma for lower & upper extremity subluxations.

Q: Who is the course for ?

A. The course is aimed at orthopaedic or sports physiotherapists, orthopaedics doctors, sports-physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, sport therapists & other allied health professionals.

Q: What do we do?

A. APBC technique uses specific mobilisation or manipulation in some cases, but is 80% very-gentle. Only using specific HVT manipulation for discogenic pain, Disc problems with radicular pain or vertebral fibrous capsular adhesions – which don’t respond to conservative gentle care.

Robbie Goodrum is a UK physiotherapist, Osteopath & Sports-therapist with a Diploma in chiropractic, Robbie Goodrum developed APBC technique over 30 years.

APBC is a new concept, technique since 2016 and totally different to Osteopathy and Chiropractic or Physiotherapy. 90% of all the techniques are invented by Robbie, as he found long-lever Osteopathic manipulation damaging to the disc pathologies and so many clinic accidents with forceful adjustments globally.

Robbie developed his own safe short – lever techniques, focused on orthopaedic management, with sound neurological biomechanical approaches.

Robbie focuses on specificity in orthopaedic and neurological assessment, gentleness and clever neurology, specific rehabilitation, lifestyle changes, correct ergonomics. Postural-reeducation.

APBC Technique has specific vectors & contact points for mobilisation or HVT manipulation with low amplitudes depending on the ligament instability or the periarticular, capsular joint structures. APBC Technique is its own unique assessment philosophy & technique.


Key Point

Finding the correct tissue causing the symptoms, then using the right safe technique for that particular pathology is the cornerstone of APBC technique. Also using correct patient operator posture to 1 protect the operator first and patient. I’ve found that many chiropractor style techniques are hard on the operator, So APBC Technique teaches you to align patients easy and effortless without damaging yourself with micro trauma over the years.

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Our Advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction Technique for the full spine, pelvis & Disc is  currently 2 x 5 day programs – 10 days

We also have 1 x 5 day program on Sports extremity manipulation, it’s important to clear upper and lower extremity subluxations, as these can be maintaining factors to spinal pain.

( APBC Technique for part 1, 2 & 3 is 15 days in total.

You can not get this training anywhere else in the world.

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” Dr Robbie, is an excellent and confident teacher, the most expert and safe manipulator of the Spine I have encountered in my 40 years of Physiotherapy.”
Bobby Garrett, Australian Physiotherapist Harvey bay


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