Graduate Diploma in Goodrum Sports Extremity Manipulation

Adjustment/Manipulation you learn on the lower extremity course:
Lower extremity misalignments
Foot & Ankle Subluxations/Somatic dysfunction
Anterior Lateral talus
Medial Calcaneus
Anterior Distal tibia
Superior calcaneus
Posterior Distal fibula
Medial Talus
Plantar Cuboid
Dorsal Cuboid
Dorsal Anterior Superior Navicular
Plantar posterior inferior Navicular
Medical Navicular
Medial Navicular & Medial cuboid
Dorsal cuneiforms
Plantar cuneiform
Planar metatarsal phalangea joints
Compression of Distal & proximal inter-phalangeal joints
Knee subluxation
Medial & Lateral proximal Tibia
Posterior & External proximal Tibia
Anterior & Internal proximal Tibia
Lateral,Medial,Inferior & Superior Patella
Fibula subluxations
Posterior Fibula head
Lateral Fibula head
Inferior Fibula head
Superior Fibula head
Hip subluxation
Anterior Internal Hip
Posterior External Hip
Lateral Hip
Superior Hip
Inferior Hip

Subluxation/somatic dysfunction you learn with the upper extremity course
Upper extremity Misalignments:
Lateral Scapula
Medial scapula
Superior scapula
Medial coracoid process
Gleno-humeral joint
Anterior-inferior GH
Posterior-superior GH
Internal GH
External GH
Clavicle distal & proximal
Posterior,Anterior & Superior AC joint
AC joint sprain
Anterior,Inferior SC joint
Lateral & Medial clavicle
Elbow subluxations
Posterior Radius
Superior Radius
Inferior Ulnar
Medial Ulnar
Medial compression of proximal Radial-Ulnar joint medium nerve entrapment or pronator teres syndrome

Wrist & Hand subluxations
Posterior & Anterior Carpals
Anterior or posterior Lunate
Superior 1st Carpal-Metacarpal joint of the thumb
Palmar metacarpal phalangeal joint
Distal & proximal Inter-Phalanges joint subluxations
Medial, Lateral, External, Internal, Posterior and Anterior
Medial Compression of distal radius ulnar joint
The techniques above are good for Sport injury recovery and limb pain and used in combination with the spinal manipulation course. Both foundation, advance Spinal course & extremity blends very well together

It’s best to attend our spinal Foundation Course before studying the Extremity Course.
NOTE: You need to balance the full spine & SI J before manipulation or balancing the extremities


Graduate diploma in sport extremity