Dr Ken Leeper Doctor of Chiropractic


Testimonial by a USA DC

I have just attended 3 weeks of seminars foundation, Advanced & extremity put on by Dr Robbie Goodrum PT.DO, Dr George Papaphotis DC.ND and Joy Intana Thai physiotherapist.

It was meant to be an introduction to his Goodrum/Papaphotis chiropractic & osteopathic methods blended with physio techniques & rehab and it was.

It was a good review for me as well as techniques me a few new tricks. It is difficult to teach a one year program in a matter of 3 x 5 days, but they did well.

I was impressed with the fact that everyone was learning very quickly how to find a subluxation or somatic dysfunction. You can not fix a problem until you can find it.

I feel he gave a as good a basic & advanced & extremity course as you can do in that amount of time. I think most people left with a basic feel for chiropractic & osteopathic adjusting.

A good course for Disc & extremity problems.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and Dr Robbie gives a good overview of the chiropractic & osteopathic professional with a naturopathic & Asian influence. 

The course was attended by physiotherapist, osteopaths and chiropractors from India, USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus and Slovenia. Most of Physio’s already has master degrees in Manipulation & there was two PhD physio’s professors.

I recommend the advanced & extremity course to Chiropractors as a post grad course

Dr. Ken Leeper DC