Dr Paul Papas DO, DC, Osteopath and Chiropractor, Australia

dr paul papas

*Dr Paul Papas with Dr Robbie Goodrum

I attended a 7 day seminar presented by Dr Robbie, an Osteopath and Physiotherapist, Dr Ken,a chiropractor, and Dr Bob, a Chiropractor. All three Doctors specialized in a whole range of varied, Diversified Chiropractic ,spinal and extremity adjustment techniques.

 I deliberately delayed this letter of comment on the basis that I could not regularly follow though with a completed spinal adjustment continually with colleagues when rehearsing a particular manipulation. I  personally needed to know results in my actual clinical practice to give a true comment. Nevertheless, the “hands-on instruction” at the time appeared exact and superb.

After a month of “follow through” adjustments in my clinic I would comment as follows: The tuition of “locking the area of adjustment” and “precision in technique” has been proven phenomenal  in my practice. Refining methods, focusing on exactness of treatment  are even more now a part of the way I treat. 

The excellent way that skills and knowledge were passed and I have now used has already produced  great results in clinical situations. Patient’s feedback tells me that they love treatment, and definitely I find greater results. There is no doubt that this was the best “hands-on” seminar I have ever attended and I have now proven that in my clinical practice. 

The successfully completed adjustment in my opinion seals the effectiveness of the taught techniques. Congratulations to 3 extremely skilled Doctors who shared there vast knowledge so well. I can highly recommend seminars produced by the above named Doctors and the Goodrum seminars to any colleague that wants to expand knowledge and refine Adjustment procedures.

Dr.Paul Papas, Registered Osteopath,W.A. and N.T., Australia Registered Doctor of Chiropractic,Queensland.










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