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steve rudd

I attended Dr Robbie’s Goodrum’s Post Graduate course in Manipulative Therapy in the UK & Thailand over 3 x 5 days supported by Dr George Papapotis DC, Ken Leeper DC & Joy Intana PT BSc

As a Chiropractor, I was interested in learning the Osteopathic techniques that he teaches. These techniques were very interesting and new to me. What I was not expecting was such a masterful/presentation of his own Modified Goodrum/Papas techniques as well as the Goodrum/Papas Adjuster Pro, Goodrum/Papas drop table and his modified Goodrum/Papas Adjusting Techniques which is similar to Diversified Chiropractic.

Overall, I found the 15 days very well presented and for me it was an excellent review of techniques that I learnt at Chiropractic college, although assessment and application is slightly different. Plus the course provided an introduction to Osteopathic techniques as well. I now hope to gain my MSc in Osteopathy through following his training program.

It may be surprising to some of my profession to see an osteopath leading a team teaching similar style chiropractic technique but he does so very well indeed, I would have loved to have him teach me as an undergraduate, presenting these techniques in the way he does, which is very clear  

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