Joanna Daly – DC, MChiro, LRCC, NMT, BSc (hons)

Joanna Daly - DC, MChiro, LRCC, NMT, BSc (hons)

Joanna Daly - DC, MChiro, LRCC, NMT, BSc (hons) 2

I attended the graduate Certificate in Manipulative therapy Seminar this year and found the whole experience really good. Robbie is an excellent instructor, and above all, an excellent practitioner.

Robbie has developed his own skill around adaptation of osteopathy and chiropractic techniques to provide the best, gentlest, and most effective manipulation to patients and these are the skills that he passes on, and shares, at his seminars. He truly cares about getting this right, both for the patient and the practitioner.
I have met many practitioners on other courses who are very egotistical in their ideas and very egotistical towards other practitioners who comes from different schools/disciplines. Robbie is open to everyone and what they do, yet at the same time his experience shines through and he is able to respond very effectively to every question, example or techniques that comes his way. I have yet to meet another practitioner who has the knowledge that Robbie possess from a manipulative perspective. Robbie’s seminars are informative, well-demonstrated, interesting and very enjoyable.
I was fortunate to receive a treatment from Robbie whilst at the seminar. Having sustained serious injuries in the past, I am very cautions of another practitioners treating me as I have had some very bad adjustments in the past with some very poor results that followed. I can genuinely say through, that the treatment I received from Robbie was excellent and I felt great afterwards- in fact the best I have felt in a long time! This is a true testament of Robbie’s skills.
I would recommend Robbie’s Seminars to any of my Colleagues and other practitioners, as I came away with a new set of skills and knowledge base, which I have been able to implement at my practice. I also felt great health wise which was an added bonus!
Your truly,
Joanna Daly D.C.



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