Dasha Andrews Physiotherapist Craniosacral therapist and Homeopath

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I recently completed the first level of Goodrum spinal manipulative techniques.

I was looking for a teacher, who not only show me techniques, but also has an understanding of a patient as a whole being.

Robbie amalgamated osteopathic and chiropractic spinal manipulative techniques and put them into a somato-visceral and somato-emotional context.

I found him to be a very skilled practitioner who presented the course material in a fun learning environment. What made the course particularly valuable for me was that he comes from the perspective of both the practitioner as well as the patient, based on his own healing journey after a severe accident.

Furthermore, what stood out for me was his emphasis on clear diagnosis before manipulating, safety adapted manipulative techniques and looking after the well being of his students throughout the course,

I learned a lot in just 5 days

Thank you, Robbie!

Dasha Andrews

Craniosacral Therapist

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