Dr Francesco Cerini PT.DC Doctor of Chiropractic & Physiotherapist



I attended Dr Robbie Goodrum’s Seminars in Belfast UK with 12 other Attendees from USA, UK, Ireland & Saudi Arabia & myself from Italy.

I studied 3 x 5 day courses, Certificate in manipulative therapy- (part 1), Diploma in manipulative therapy Advance -(part 2) and Sports Extremity manipulation.

As a chiropractor I appreciated the accuracy in assessment & techniques taught. The specificity of the Adjustments, accurate points of contact, vector, line of drive in spinal, SI J & extremity adjustments.

Dr. Robbie gave several treatment opportunities such as Adjustor-pro-similar to an Activator adjusting instrument, Goodrum drop-table technique, his own masterful method- expanded from Thompson chiropractic & techniques similar to Gonstead chiropractic. Dr Robbie is excellent at finding subluxation & always tried to find and correct the right subluxation. He explained and demonstrated the techniques respecting the different schools: chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy.

Dr Robbie teaches his own ” Goodrum Somatic Master  Technique” which is a blend of osteopathy, chiropractic & physiotherapy modified with some Asian manipulation influences with 20 plus years experience.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Robbie and his colleagues professionally and courtesy.