Dr R. Harihara Prakash

Dr Hari hara

Professor & Principal of K M Patel Institute of Physiotherapy

Dear Dr Robbie,

I appreciate your kindness and concern in Thailand. I shall be sending my students to you exclusively for your in dept knowledge in your chosen field of manipulation using osteopathy & chiropractic models. You have a fantastic way of imparting quality education. I am impressed with your talents. Also, I have started practicing the assessment and treatment techniques. It work wonders. I think of you everyday as you are one my GURU.


I shall meet you in Thailand next year. I will be glad if you include my photo with testimonial in your website. My kindest regards to your wife. Missing those days including sauna and swimming.

With loving regards,
Prof.R. Harihara Prakash
K M Patel Institute of Physiotherapy
Shri Krishna Hospital, Karamsad
Alt e-mail:hariharap@charutarhealth.org
Tel: 02692-228281(D) =918238238685

“Hands that serve are holier than the lips that pray”


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