Dr Sumanth from India

Dr Sumanth (Yashoda hospitals) Indian Musculoskeletal physiotherapist over 20 years experience.
Dear Dr Robbie Goodrum
Thank you for your personal concern towards all students.

I really appreciate that you helped me to improve my clinical skills and hands on techniques. 
I am very thankful you cared enough to make me understand the reasoning for performing manipulations and mobilizations in your APBC advanced Postural Biomechanical Correction technique.
Your Unique assessment for Joints and Muscular dysfunctions and unquie best treatment techniques which are modified from osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy + your own original techniques with your 20 years of experience were very helpful in getting effective results. 
The best Part I liked In your APBC course is neurological limb length testing, AK – Applied kinesology and scientific EMG via a PC to prove subluxations. 
In one word I can say you are the blessing to the students who wants to be safe manual therapists.
Dr Sumanth






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Our mission is to help the professional practitioner perfect their diagnostic and manipulating skills, to enable him or her offer the best to their patients.