Payal Patel Rehabilitation & Spinal Therapist

Payal Patel Rehabilitation & Spinal Therapist
Dear Robbie
I have completed the foundation and advanced course for manual manipulation and I am now booking onto the extremity course. Goodrum Seminars is an amazing opportunity to learn safe and effective techniques for manual manipulations and most importantly how to assess for true misalignment. Friends of mine have completed similar course run over 2 days by other companies but comparing my knowledge and handling skills has shown to be far superior with the modified Goodrum techniques.

At first I was worried that my small frame would hinder how effective my techniques would be on a much larger person. Robbie has show me modified techniques that make it easy for my body and are as effective in its results. Dare I say it, Robbie makes learning fun!  I want to thank you Robbie and not forgetting Joy:Robbie’s wife. Joy is an absolute delight and makes techniques and assessment look effortless! I don’t think she realizes how much of an impact she has made to my learning on both of these courses. They both complement one another as their teaching styles are completely different so you always feel like you are absorbing all the information. This is why I am now booking onto the extremity course in the next coming weeks to become an overall practitioner. I feel all 3 courses add to one another.
Before this I was planning on going to chiropractic school to complete a 4 year degree to become a chiropractor. I truly believe if I practice, practice and practice some more the modified techniques I have learnt I will be become in the best of chiropractic and osteopathy rolled into one.
The most important part I have taken from the course is the assessment; Robbie has a unique and step by step method to assessing misalignments which makes so much sense! The course doesn’t stop there; Robbie is continually an email, call or text away to ask for help and advice which to me is invaluable. His not only helped with everything the course outlines but he has also helped me grow as a practitioner and build my practice. I do not say this about a lot of people but Robbie your are true inspiration!
Thank you for so much!
Payal Patel
Rehabilitation & Spinal Therapist



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