Nadhiir Chanawala BSc. (Hons) Master in Osteopathy(M.Ost)

Nadhiir Chanawala BSc. (Hons) Master in Osteopathy(M.Ost)
28th March 2014
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Goodrum seminar, with both Robbie and Joy. It was a very rewarding and an insightful experience.

The Goodrum-Papaphotis short-lever technique has been great for my practice, in its effectiveness, safety and comfort that it provides my clients.
In this experience, understanding the application of vectors, anplitude and contact points during the short-lever technique, has been more effective, in comparison to the osteopathic long lever techniques.
Robbie and Joy created a pleasant learning environment, with easy to understand information.
Receiving treatment from them during the seminar was inspirational.
Thank you
Nadhiir Chanawala
BSc (Hons)
Master in Osteopathy (M.Ost)

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