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Welcome to Goodrum Seminars in association with the National University of Medical Science NUMSS

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What is APBC ?
APBC is Dr Robbie Goodrum’s unique specific manipulative technique developed over 25 years. APBC is modified from the best techniques from UK osteopathy, USA/Australian chiropractic, UK physiotherapy and 40% of Dr Robbie’s own safe manipulative techniques. Dr Robbie also adds a holistic naturopathic approach to tissue healing and fast recovery. APBC is a specific Grade 5/HVT manipulative technique using either HVT with the ‘classical click’ that we hear, or low amplitude HVT with a mobilisation-articulation, depending on the ligament stability of the periarticular joint structures. APBC is a unique technique in its own right!!

Key Point
Different diagnosis !!!
Finding the correct tissue diagnosis and using the right safe technique for a particular pathology is the cornerstone of APBC.

Our APBC SI J and spinal course is currently 2 x 5 day programs. It’s strongly advised to study both parts to be a effective & safe practitioner.

You can not get this training anywhere else in the world.

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Goodrum Seminars in association with the National University of Medical Science NUMSS – Professional online degrees.

We offer online professional degrees in chiropractic, osteopathy, sport medicine, rehabilitation, sport nutrition, physiotherapy, 27 MSC program’s & 4 PhD program’s. I invite you to browse our website. Look at my testimonials from PT’s, DO’s, DC’s, MD’s & Sports-therapists.

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  Image 20Dr Andrew

” Dr Robbie, is an excellent and confident teacher, the most expert and safe manipulator of the Spine I have encountered in my 40 years of Physiotherapy.”
Bobby Garrett, Australian Physiotherapist Harvey bay


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