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Dr Robbie has taught 2000 + physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, sport therapists, Athletic trainers & MD’s in 11 countries since 1997.
Who has Dr Robbie taught ?
Physiotherapy professors with PHD’s in the spine Dr Narkeesh,Physiotherapists from the UK’s NHS, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists from all over the world including the BSO in London. Physiotherapists & MD’s in private practice. Dr Robbie has taught at the players grounds at, Everton FC medical team, Sunderland FC medical
team, Kilmarnock FC medical team, west bromwich albion FC. Dr Robbie has taught physiotherapists from Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC, Aston villa FC, Middlesborough FC & Dunfermline FC.

His students/colleagues believes his APBC technique gives a better
results than just osteopathy, chiropractic or physiotherapy.

APBC is systematic, logical and easy to apply safely. Each student to fully understand APBC needs to attend the
3 x 5 days courses in the correct order. Parts 1-2 & 3.

Testimonial from
Click here  Dr Sumanth Physiotherapist from India
Click here  Dr. Daniel Bishop DPT Doctor of Physical therapy from the USA
Click here  Dr Derrick Hines DPT Doctor of Physical therapy from the USA
Click here  Alex MacQueen Scottish Head Physiotherapist Kilmarnock FC
Click here  Professor of Physiotherapy Dr Narkeesh PhD in the spine
Click here  UK Physiotherapist Matt Sherlock & Osteopath from The British school of Osteopathy
Click here  Nadhiir Chanawala UK Osteopath from The British school of Osteopathy
Click here  Joanna Daly UK Chiropractor
Click here  Dr Steve Rudd UK Chiropractor
Click here  Kenny Murray Scottish Head Physiotherapist Dunfermline Athletic Football Club
Click here  Dr George Papas Australian Chiropractor, Osteopath & Naturopath
Our APBC SI J and spinal course is currently 2 x 5 day programs. It’s strongly advised to study both parts to be a effective & safe practitioner.


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